Pathology Subspecialty

Gynecologic & Perinatal

    The gynecologic and perinatal pathology subspecialty division of Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA) specializes in evaluating and diagnosing benign and malignant diseases of the female genital tract and placenta. Our team employs a variety of techniques to provide a comprehensive evaluation of tissues, including but not limited to histopathologic, immunohistochemical, molecular and cytogenetic analyses. We provide intraoperative consultations, facilitate multidisciplinary conferences and are readily available for directed and curbside consultations. We work closely with physicians and care teams throughout the region to provide comprehensive pathology reports to guide personalized treatment plans.

    Our strength as a division stems from our broad depth of experience, including fellowship-trained and highly experienced pathologists from across the country. Our pathologists bring perspectives from well-known academic centers, including the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Washington. HPA’s gynecologic team is at the forefront of our field—producing numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and books, as well as lecturing nationally and internationally. We teach residents, serve in professional medical organizations and volunteer in patient advocacy groups. Our team is passionate for patient care and strives to empower patients and care teams in their journey to health and wellness.