Pathology Subspecialty

Clinical Pathology

    The clinical pathology subspecialty division of Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA) specializes in laboratory testing of blood and other bodily fluids and tissues and microscopic evaluation of individual cells to help doctors diagnose disease. Our clinical pathologists are responsible for Allina Health’s laboratories, and we work closely with the laboratory technologists and other staff to provide results quickly, efficiently, accurately and thoughtfully. Most HPA pathologists are board-certified in anatomic pathology and clinical pathology. In addition, two of our pathologists are fully dedicated to the clinical pathology service.

    Our clinical pathologists help ensure that the test your doctor ordered is performed correctly, and we are available to help your doctor interpret the results. We also help doctors select the best tests to find an answer to a health problem. HPA’s clinical pathologists work with technicians in the lab, discussing the quality of specimens and how our instruments are performing and working together to maintain the highest standard of service. We know that each and every tube of blood comes from a person who needs an answer. We, and the laboratory team at Allina Health, are dedicated to ensuring that the test results you and your doctor receive are performed accurately and as quickly as possible.