Post-graduate Pathology Program Available Positions

Post-graduate Pathology Program

Available Positions

Explore diverse pathology aide positions at Healthcare Pathology Associates. Submit your application through our online form for the following roles:

Biopsy Technician

As a Biopsy Technician, you will perform gross examinations of routine pathology specimens. It involves describing, measuring, and sometimes manipulating the tissue before submitting the tissue for histologic processing. Gross examination of pathology specimens is one of the first and most critical parts of the laboratory diagnostic process and an integral part of patient care.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator organizes and prepares HPA-staffed multidisciplinary patient care-planning conferences for Allina and other participating institutions. Additionally, the Education Coordinator works closely with pathologists on projects and tasks on an as-needed basis and coordinates HPA review of medical literature and publications.

Laboratory Technical Assistant

The laboratory technical assistant (Lab TA) will perform pre-analytical processes in one or more areas, such as histology, microbiology, and the core laboratory. The Lab TA will collaborate with certified staff and pathologists in confirming and troubleshooting specimen labeling and collection requirements, computer orders, and performing accurate and timely surgical sample preparation and staining techniques. The position may also perform tests determined by the CDC and FDA to have little risk of error, commonly known as waived testing.

Operating Room Runner

Operating Room Runners serve a unique role within Allina, more specifically at Abbott Northwestern Hospital (ANW). This position provides a rare opportunity to see what happens to surgical specimens after they leave the operating room. The Runners work directly with the OR staff and surgeons to promptly pick-up and deliver specimens from the ORs to the Lower Level Laboratory at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Quality Assurance Assistant

The Quality Assurance (QA) Assistant serves a key role by directly supporting the QA program at HPA. This includes managing information, coordinating communication, and analyzing case and materials data from the hospital and physician office practices. This position works directly with the QA Pathologist and QA Supervisor to help oversee the lean projects and quality initiatives for the group.

Workflow Coordinator

Workflow Coordinators serve as the primary organizers and distributers of glass slides emanating from the Allina Histology, Cytology, and Hematology laboratories. After receiving the slides, the Workflow Coordinators organize, prioritize, and distribute the cases to pathologists in order to facilitate an orderly and efficient workflow using “Lean” processing principles.

Post-graduate Pathology Program

About the Program

Several years ago, HPA introduced the pathology aide position in their healthcare team to streamline workflow. The pathology aide plays a key role in allowing pathologists to focus on diagnosing cases and enhancing patient care. Being a pathology aide provides hands-on experience in a medical setting and allows recent graduates to begin a career in medicine. It also offers a unique perspective into the responsibilities and challenges physicians face on a daily basis. 

The pathology aide position is a one-year, full-time commitment for aspiring healthcare professionals and is the connection graduates need to gain a valuable healthcare experience.

  • Full-time employment from early June 2024 to end of June 2025
  • Competitive wage of $20 per hour
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending
  • Full training provided
  • Free parking