• You will be at the hospital for approximately 3 hours.
    • Please arrive 1 hour prior to your procedure to allow time for check-in, IV, Lab draw, etc.
    • You will stay for 30 minutes after your procedure to be monitored for any bleeding and to be sure you are fully awake from sedation.
    • Your bone marrow biopsy procedure will take about 20 minutes, typically.
  • You will need a negative COVID test within 3-5 days of your procedure.
  • You may be given a small amount of anesthesia during your procedure for your comfort. If you know or think that you will be given anesthesia for the procedure. For your safety:
    • Please do NOT eat after midnight prior to your procedure. You must refrain from eating from midnight until your procedure is over.
    • You will need a driver for transportation to and from your appointment*.
    • You will need a responsible adult to be with you at your home for the remainder of the day of your procedure.
    • Please continue to take all your regularly scheduled medications with a small amount of water, including blood thinning (anti-coagulant) medications.

If you have questions regarding why this test has been ordered, how to get your results, or what the next steps are, please contact your oncologist:

*If you absolutely cannot find a ride or someone to stay with you, your procedure will be performed with only local anesthesia; there will be no sedation. You will be completely awake; you can eat and drive. Because of variable components of pain with this procedure we strongly recommend using anesthesia unless you have no other option. Your procedure will still take 3 hours.

Yes, you can request a copy of your pathology report from your doctor. Please contact your provider to request this information. Hospital Pathology Associates cannot release this information directly to you.

No, we do not directly work with patients. We are a professional services team that works directly with providers to examine and assess lab samples to help diagnosis or address health or medical concerns. Please contact your physician or provider to make an appointment.