HPA Post-Graduate
Pathology Program

The HPA Post-Graduate Pathology Program is an outstanding gap year opportunity for energetic, motivated individuals who are aspiring to work in the healthcare field.

There are a variety of positions to choose from, each has a unique way of learning about the pathology and histology process and how it affects the patients’ diagnostic results and treatment. You will be working with pathologists and other health care professionals as you provide support for our pathology team. Your work with us is critical to maintaining our high standards of diagnostic care at HPA.

Post-Graduate Pathology Program

Benefits of our post-graduate program include:

  • Engage in educational sessions with pathologists where you will learn about cancer staging, tumor types, molecular testing, and how diseases look under the microscope.
  • Enjoy competitive pay and amazing, 100% company paid benefits.
  • Gain insights through autopsy viewing and shadowing surgeons.
  • Participate in grossing sessions with our pathologist assistants.

Past Program Participant Testimonials

Ryan Courtney

The path aide program is unique in that it allows aspiring health care professionals to take a very active role in the patient care process. During my time at HPA, I was proud of the responsibilities I was able to take up as it pertains to providing high quality care. Few alternatives exist for students without advanced degrees to work so closely with physicians and lab staff in such a meaningful role. Further, the mentoring that I received from HPA staff was invaluable as I prepared for medical school. I would recommend working at HPA to any aspiring healthcare professionals who want to participate in providing high quality patient care and hone their teamwork and communication skills.

Ryan Courtney, Workflow Coordinator 2022-23
Simpson College '22 / University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine '27

Julia Meyer

“I believe that HPA provides one of the best gap-year programs for pre-medical students because of the unique positions that they have to offer. Being the QA coordinator allowed me to gain experiences that have helped shape my decision to pursue medicine. The connections that I was able to make at HPA were extremely valuable as they took the time to answer any questions and give guidance on how to move forward with our careers.  I would strongly recommend being a path aide for such a great company!”

Julia Meyer
2020 QA Coordinator

Lindsay Mahaney and Karsen Granning

“Working as OR runners has allowed us to learn about critical roles within the surgery floor and pathology lab which work synergistically to provide the best possible patient care. Specimens collected from the ORs could be anything from a lymph node to a uterus to an amputated leg. We frequently are able to observe the pathologist assistants (PAs) grossly evaluate and document these specimens. Interactions with the PAs, histology technicians, perioperative assistants, and other healthcare professionals has given us the opportunity to continue learning relevant medical knowledge, making being an OR runner a worthwhile experience.”

Lindsay Mahaney and Karsen Granning
2020 OR Runner Path Aides

Paige Woldt

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time and experience as the 2021-2022 HPA Education Coordinator during my gap year! Through working with the pathologists, I learned so much about an area of medicine that I would not have otherwise had exposure to prior to medical school. I also believe this position set me apart from other medical school applicants and gave me a unique introduction to concepts and perspective on a wide variety of topics that I’ve since learned more about in my first two years of school. Last but not least, getting to know and working with the other path aides was an absolute blast!!”

Paige Woldt
Creighton University School of Medicine MD Candidate, Class of 2026

Sandin Skow

”My 2021-2022 gap year spent during with HPA was a year of growth in an area of medicine I had no prior experience with. The challenges and triumphs along the way helped prepare me for my medical journey. Being given a leadership role while surrounded by physicians and other medical professionals has giving me the confidence to take leadership roles at the next level. One thing that always surprised me about working for HPA was their willingness to improve, often seeking out feedback and working alongside the Pathology Aides. Overall, I am very appreciative of my experience and definitely needed this gap year experience in preparation for medical school.”

Sandin Skow
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2026  / Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2026