Pathology Subspecialty

Cytogenetics & Molecular Diagnostics

    The cytogenetic and molecular pathology subspecialty division of Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA) is led by Drs. Kerr and Reinartz. Our team provides high-quality diagnostic and theranostic testing services through Allina Health Laboratories.

    Changes in the genetics (DNA) and/or proteins in cancer cells are now widely used to select targeted therapies for cancer treatment. Our board-certified molecular pathologists work closely with your cancer treatment providers to provide results for tests such as next-generation sequencing, immunohistochemistry, FISH, and other biomarker testing so that the best therapy can be used for your cancer’s genetic profile. In addition, HPA has worked extensively with Allina Health to ensure that such tests can be performed using the least invasive needle biopsy specimens possible to reduce the risks to the patient from larger biopsies and surgeries.

    We pride ourselves on providing faster, lower cost and more personalized service than competing reference laboratories. We consider ourselves guardians of this precious tissue to get the most information possible from these small samples. HPA also works with Allina Health and outside reference laboratories to provide a comprehensive biomarker testing menu for tests that we do not perform locally.