Pathology Subspecialty


    The Hematopathology subspecialty team at Hospital Pathology Associates (HPA) is staffed by multiple dedicated board-certified and senior pathologists with special interests in hematopathology. Our team provides an expert diagnostic evaluation of diseases of the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. We perform and oversee bone marrow acquisition to ensure high-quality specimen collection and efficient allocation for accurate and timely diagnosis. Our pathologists serve as the medical directors of specialized clinical laboratories, including the Allina Health flow cytometry laboratory, where we utilize the latest technology of this powerful diagnostic tool.

    Our team actively participates in treatment planning conferences and works directly with our medical oncology colleagues to establish ancillary testing guidelines. These guidelines offer a standard of care to make certain all of the available tumor characteristics are available to support timely and effective care. In addition, our experienced pathologists provide a broad range and depth of expertise to patient care by participating in research, national conference, and active medical literature reviews.