Laboratory Technical Assistant


Laboratory Technical Assistant (2 positions available)

Position Type

Full-time employment for one full year, from early June to end of June


Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Allina Central Laboratory


Monday – Friday; rotating shifts between the hours of 6:00 am – 10:00 pm

Job Description

The laboratory technical assistant (Lab TA) will perform pre-analytical processes in one or more  areas, such as histology, microbiology, and the core laboratory. The Lab TA will collaborate with certified staff and pathologists in confirming & troubleshooting specimen labeling/collection requirements, computer orders and performing accurate and timely surgical sample preparation/staining techniques. The position may also perform tests determined by the CDC and FDA to have little risk of error, commonly known as waived testing. 

Specific duties:

At least 3 months lab training is required in each specialty lab area (Histology, Core lab, or Microbiology) in which highly complex testing is to be performed.

  • Perform routine pre-analytic laboratory procedures
    • Evaluates acceptability of specimens. 
    • Processes specimens as required. 
    • Performs routine problem resolution related to orders, specimens, and billing. Works closely with certified staff and pathologists in confirming and troubleshooting specimen labeling/collection requirements, computer orders, and performing accurate and timely surgical sample preparation/staining techniques.
    • May perform waived testing. 
  • Ensures patient orders are accurate and complete 
    • Performs scheduling, ordering and releasing in patients’ electronic medical record. 
    • Evaluates patient orders for completeness and follows up as needed.
  • Administrative duties. 
    • Stocks, rotates, and requests supplies on a regular basis. 
    • Trouble-shoots minor equipment issues. 
    • Performs various clerical duties. ○ May train others in assigned work area. 
    • May assist with standard operating procedure development in assigned work area. 
    • Participates in departmental or system wide projects or committees as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned

Prerequisites and required skills:

  • High School or GED
  • Required college coursework of 60 semester hours, or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution, including one of the following:  
    • 6 semester hours of chemistry and 6 semester hours of biology, 
    • 12 semester hours of chemistry/biology/medical laboratory technology in any combination, or
    • 24 semester hours in medical laboratory technology