Kenneth P. Batts, MD

After medical school I began training in Internal Medicine, but felt the pull of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatobiliary disease (“GI Pathology”), in particular. Following a residency and then a fellowship in GI Pathology at the Mayo Clinic and University of Washington, I served on staff at the Mayo Clinic for

Lawrence J. Burgart, MD

As a senior pathologist, my goal is to optimize patient outcomes through subspecialty-level evaluation of biopsy and resection specimens, provide expert communication to patients and clinicians, and be a positive member of our diagnostic team.

Jason A. Daniels, MD

While in medical school and residency training at the University of Minnesota, I rotated through most of the hospital systems in the Twin Cities area. After spending a few years completing fellowships at the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital, I made returning to the area with my family a priority. Professionally, I most enjoy