Daniela Sanders, PA

My professional goal is to provide concise and accurate gross descriptions to ensure excellent patient care.  I enjoy listening to crime podcasts, going out to eat at new restaurants, watching The Office and hanging out with my husband and our highly energetic pup. I enjoy almost everything outdoors—except when it involves large amounts of water […]

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Laura M. Thiesse, PA

A professional goal of mine is to develop preferred techniques of approaching specimens to provide clear and concise dictations as well as become a faster, more efficient grosser while maintaining attention to detail and patient care. An achievement I’m proud of is I once found a 1.0 cm area of hepatocellular carcinoma in a cirrhotic […]

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Jacqueline K. Thomas, PA

I am a student at heart and constantly want to improve my skills and stay current with new advances in pathology. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking. I grew up in Western Maryland and would hike parts of the Appalachian Trail as often as I could. I competed in several ultra hikes with the longest […]

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Larry D. Willmott, PA

My goal is to provide exceptional patient care in Surgical Pathology across Allina Health and its Affiliates, including Outreach Services and Telemedicine. I work to integrate new technology into our daily workflows to enhance quality and safety for our patients. I enjoy golf and the outdoors, watching football and lacrosse, traveling, and spending time with […]

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Jonathan P. Wunderlich, PA

My professional goal is to have a long career as a proficient Pathologists’ Assistant.  While taking a backseat to raising two small children, I am an aspiring road cyclist and an enthusiastic homebrewer. On the personal side, I have aspirations to bike the entire Northshore from Duluth to Grand Portage. […]

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