Sydney R. Anhalt, PA

I strive to provide top quality care through meticulous specimen grossing for patients that are in need of diagnoses and subsequent treatment of all types of health issues. I enjoy getting out on the golf course on a sunny day and going to a country concert or two every year.

Tara R. Bonde, PA

My goal in pathology is to accurately and efficiently deliver the best patient care possible when working on cases.  I am also working to master various aspects and of telepathology, as I perform outreach at various off-site institutions.

Laura M. Guyer, PA

A professional goal of mine is to develop preferred techniques of approaching specimens to provide clear and concise dictations as well as become a faster, more efficient grosser while maintaining attention to detail and patient care. An achievement I’m proud of is I once found a 1.0 cm area of hepatocellular carcinoma in a cirrhotic

Rachel A. Langer, PA

I strive to provide quality, top-notch patient care in a timely manner. My goal is to contribute to a collaborative, inclusive and enjoyable work environment for all employees where our focus is excellent patient care.

Tim Lyons, PT

My professional goal is to provide high-quality laboratory services. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors.

Sara T. Naegeli, PT

My goal is to consistently provide exclusive, high-quality pathology services by performing macroscopic evaluations of surgical pathology specimens and postmortem examinations. Living in Minnesota, I enjoy making the best of each season whether it be downhill skiing, snowshoeing or bonfires in the winter to canoeing, grilling or spending time on golf course in the summer.

Kaitlyn M. Noon, PA

My professional commitment is to take quality tissue sections and have clear and concise dictations to provide the best possible patient care.