Joseph J. Goswitz, MD

The decisions pathologists make at the microscope can profoundly affect patients’ lives. I deeply appreciate that I am not just looking at a specimen but rather a part of a whole person depending on me for medical help. Before making a diagnosis, I review the patient’s chart to understand their clinical situation and why they

Sarah E. Kerr, MD

My work passion is cytopathology, which specializes in getting the most information possible out of tiny, minimally invasive biopsies, fluids and Pap tests. An increasing part of cytopathology is molecular testing. I have worked to develop a timely and personalized next generation sequencing service using cytopathology specimens from patients with cancer. These results are critical

Schuyler O. Sanderson, MD

As the director of QA and the Histology Lab, I am always working to support system control of processes to maintain quality throughout all phases of the specimen’s lifecycle in the laboratory. In that, I also am interested in gaining and maintaining efficiencies for these processes and work inside our complex lab information system (Epic’s